S h i m a H R

You can’t grow if you don’t know how to sell…


You can pray heaven down and still be poor because you don’t know how to SELL…

You can visit Witch doctors, Prophets and do all their rituals and still be poor if you don’t know how to SELL…

You can have the smartest business idea or product and still fail if you don’t know how to SELL…

Now Let’s Learn How To SELL.

SELLING is an art that requires you to sharpen your social skills to successfully connect with your buyer at a personal level while maintaining the professional purpose for the connection.

To Sell Successfully, You Should:

  1. Understand your product or service – the first rule is: don’t sell what you don’t know. Spend time to study your product/service before you start selling.
  2. Understand Your Buyer – who is your buyer? what drives your buyer? Quality, Luxury, Price, Pride, or an Ideology?
  3. Give Your Buyer Access to Experience Your Product Free of Charge…. This works like magic.
  4. Understand That It Is About the Buyer. Don’t make it about you…. Listen to the buyer… Respect the buyer… Show them that you honor them… Train your sales personnel to serve buyers… It is the buyers’ market.

 Do not discuss your religion or political ideology with a buyer…Many religious and political sellers make this mistake…. Keep religion and politics out of your business. Talk business in your business space and if you meet them in a religious space, then you can talk religion. Stop trying to ‘convert’ your buyer into your religion. It is not wise.

  1. Build an Honest Relationship…Buyers are human beings… We all are both sellers and buyers… To be a good seller, you must treat your buyer the way you desire to be treated as a buyer… Be honest… Show kindness and empathy… Don’t be desperate to make a sale that you forget to be human. Connect with your buyer at their level. This is how smart sellers retain loyal buyers.

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