My Advice to the Qualified but un-employed

Here is my advice for young graduates looking for jobs. When you graduate from university don’t go out looking for jobs. begin by understanding what is currently happening in the industry you are targeting and what they are looking for.

Turn yourself into what the industry is looking for. You do this by acquiring skills that you never learnt in your university class. After you have done that then go and apply for a job and I can grantee that you will get a job within a very short time. What is currently making it hard for you to get a job might be that you have a qualification(certification) but are not qualified (skill set) for what the industry is looking for.

How do I know this before I started to run my own company? I worked and changed jobs and in a space of 10 years changed 4 relatively good paying jobs.

An average graduate today except from medical school where for several clinical years works in the very hospitals where they will work after graduation lacks the skill set required by the industry. Let me give you an example.

If you graduated with a degree in journalism for example the question is where are you going to work? Comrade I need to be frank with you. Forget the dreams of news casting on TV at least for a start. Maybe you will do that when you set up your own media house like Costa has done.

We have less than five proper TV stations and very few proper radio stations that can pay you a salary. It means the job market for journalism as things stand is saturated. But I should tell you that smart journalists are getting employed every day. The question is how?

By understanding the industrial demand. While the job market for traditional news casting kind of journalism is saturated and constipated all companies want smart young people with good writing skills to manage and create content for their digital platforms. To write content for their Facebook pages, company profiles, YouTube channels, Instagram, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

This is the space you must be exploring and studying because if you are smart, with your degree in journalism you could find yourself in public relations, sales or marketing.

You begin by having a proper Facebook page where you will be posting substance with proper English not this Nasser Road preschool you bally slay queen exciting, night club, red eyes, dizzy head type of English. Open a LinkedIn account and post things that show that you have a functional brain and are an expert on something sensible. Post with good quality pictures where you are corporately dressed.

Learn some graphic designing and digital branding and marketing via free platforms like Coursera and put up some good Quality graphics on your platforms. When you have done this go searching for a job. In the interview take your interviewers to your platforms and show them what you are currently doing. You would have proven that you have what the industry is looking for.

While prayer is powerful and necessary the idea of spending six days on the mountain praying with a certificate that is accumulating dust and yet you have nothing of what the industry is currently looking for and has added no value to oneself since the day you received your certificate will end you in a place where you hate God, Question if God exists, hate the employed and regret going to school. It will leave you looking forward to nothing in this life except the next elections.

This is free advice you can take it or leave it but note that it comes from a man who graduated like you and changed 4 well-paying jobs in 8 years and currently sits on the employing end and may Just be sharing with you what employers look for.

In case you do not understand the gravity of digital issues. Recently one of the donor organizations advertised for a Consultancy contract for 3 years and as experts in the field we rendered in our proposal. Among the many requirements one of them was to submit a Facebook link to the Facebook profile of the lead Consultant on the proposed team. This is because the world is saturated with qualifications that are only good for display but not skill. The employers are now looking for what you can do (evidence-based employing) and not what you claim to be able to do.

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