It’s not just talent. You must also understand your industry/field

It’s not just talent. You must also understand your industry/field

For the longest time I use to wonder why the most talented people are not always the most successful. I used to think it’s automatic that if you are very talented then you will be very successful. But that is not the case. You see, talent is one thing but understanding your field/industry is another. Having a clear understanding of your field or industry is what assures success more than talent.

A person who understands a particular field or industry will always succeed even with little talent. E. g, success in the music industry is not just about having the best voice. No! It’s about the one who is talented but also understands how the music business works as well. Note: The music industry requires more than a talented voice. It requires several other accompanying skills and abilities. So sadly, the most beautiful music made by people who don’t understand the industry/field will never go anywhere. UNFORTUNATELY, that’s the tough reality.  It’s the same with football. Football talent/skill and football as business are not the same. You can do more with a talented player who understands football as business than a merely talented player. That is why the most famous players in the world are not necessarily the best players. Some of them are great brands today not because they are the most skilled but because they understand football as a business as well.

So, what is your area of talent or career/field? Do you understand the industry side of your talent or is it that your talent is all you understand? Whether you are a banker, an author, a preacher, a politician, a medical doctor or a businessperson in any area of business, realize that for you to be the best in that industry will not just be a matter of talent. No! It will be because you also understand how that industry or field functions in the area of your skill or talent.

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