Before you resign

My barber resigned from his place of work a few months ago and started his own barber shop. Yesterday as I was passing outside his former workplace, I found him. What? He is back at the same place he had resigned from. A little discussion with him revealed two lessons that I think are important before quitting your job.

Am sure he was looking at how much money his boss makes, and he thought, “Wow, I could make this same amount of money too if I left.” So, he left, organized some capital and started his own. Unfortunately, in the first few weeks/months, he could not even make his former salary. And bills like rent and electricity were piling up. At his former workplace, he did not have to think about costs. He just saw money in, and his salary. Now he must pay for the accessories, pay the bills and pay himself. Here is what he may not have understood. Unless you have already been running the business before you left, when you resign, you first go down before you go up. There is what is called “the break-even point” which comes after a while. It takes time before the business can start making profit. And so, if your only attraction was money, you will fail because money won’t come immediately. There are loses to be made before you make profit. You will have to suffer a while before you enjoy the fruits of resigning. And that requires tenacity. My barber probably did not see all this and so he closed shop and ran back where he has a guaranteed income.

It’s not everyone who should leave employment and run a business. Business is not for everyone. You can be an employee for the rest of your life and still live a successful life. This idea that working for someone is not success is a lie. Do not foolishly leave your job because someone told you that you need to start your own business, or you admire people who are in business. Business may not be for you. Go to school, get a good paper, find a better and high paying job, live your life. It is very ok to just be an employee. It’s a lie that we all must start business. What we need is to find multiple ways of stretching yourself to raise money. Not that you must just leave your job and start a business. Business is not easy. If you don’t have the nerve, stay employed. It’s fine.

Be grateful!!

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