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2021 HR trends: Human resources adapts to post-pandemic realities

2021 HR trends: Human resources adapts to post-pandemic realities

Meeting the needs, wants, and expectations of employees isn’t about a single thing an organization says or does – and never was. It’s about how the organization engages and empowers individuals to do and be their best.

According to Google and HR professionals, these are the top 2021 HR trends: 

  1. Remote work: Prepare to be flexible with scheduling and options for online trainings and upskilling.
  2. Improved employee experiences: From feedback to mentoring, retaining top talent requires adjustments.
  3. Diversity, inclusion, equity: Get ready to walk the talk – new generations aren’t going to accept a status quo where equality isn’t the foundation.
  4. Technology: Machine-learning and conversational AI can guide employees along their days and career paths, while modern HR tools motivate employees and are user-friendly.
  5. Well-being: Mental and emotional well-being will become central to the employee experience
  6. Purpose-driven efforts: Employees want jobs that are personally rewarding. They expect their workplaces to define their purpose, then follow through to make them a reality.
  7. Data as a driver: Whether talking results of employee surveys or budget allocations, data should be a trusted source when it comes to decision-making

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